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I was immediately attracted to Nuno felting the moment I saw the rich colors and textures of the Merino wool roving and silk fabrics.   After years of being an illustrator working on assignments I revel in the freedom of working in this medium.

Searching for fabrics and fibers is a treasure hunt that brings me to Sheep and Wool Festivals and yard sales.  My studio is the vault for these precious finds.  Selecting which pieces to put where puts me into the powerful position of a conductor guiding an orchestra.  It is thrilling to think about how the wool will grab the light weight fabrics and create a new cloth full of surprising textures and colors.

Wearing my own creations and giving them as gifts brings me a lot of joy.  Composing pictures in Nuno felt has opened my eyes to the beauty of abstract art and the emotions it can provoke.  I also enjoy the challenges of depicting places and things with the wide variety of textures and colors that evoke the world around us.

Beyond the visual beauty of my creations is the way it feels.  Merino wool is extremely soft and the many weaves of silk have their own distinct texture.  Please feel free to get in touch with me to get the opportunity to feel this unique fiber art.



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