Madeline Sorel Illustration

Illustration is a way of expressing one or a few ideas in a visual form. Illustrators create work  of and for a specific situation.  For example, an illustration commission can be a watercolor of people enjoying a meal to be printed on  a menu and hung behind the bar.  The illustrator has the ability to create scenes that are humourous and that have a message.  To put people in impossible situations or in their dreams.  To bring people together in a setting that tells a story.

Madeline Sorel’s illustrations are gentle and whimsical.  Her caricatures are kind and flattering and her group portraits are clever in their themes.

Original Greeting Cards and other Illustration Commissions Invited

As you look at Madeline Sorel’s portfolio of work for numerous publishers and publications you can see how her style and ideas can be printed on greeting cards, used on websites, or given as a gift.

Madeline Sorel accepts commissions from corporations,  non-profits and individuals.  If you want to give a message with an original custom illustration by Madeline Sorel write to her from this form.