Contextual Texture

Exhibit of Women Artist Works in Fabric and Unusual Materials Curated by Madeline Sorel

The Art Gallery of Kingsborough Community College presents Contextual Texture. Curator,  Madeline Sorel has brought the works of 20 women artists.

Curator’s Statement

Women artists working with traditional material in non-traditional ways, “weaving” works of wisdom and mystery. Contextual Texture is a group show of women artists working with cloth, thread, wool, and beads.  Since ancient times cloth was the medium by which story telling was transported through places and time.  The word “text” derives from the Latin word meaning “something woven” (a textile).  Women were the creators of these anonymous works.  The artists in this show have taken to working with textural materials both old and new as their medium of choice.  Their creation have much to say about their unique views and their outlook on identity.

Contextual Texture Artists:

Benedicte Caneill
Eve Chwast
Margaret Cusack
Laverne Dawes
Janice Farley
Linda Ippolito
Elaine Mamary
China Marks
Marlene Mayerson
Adrienne Mim
Miriam Rankin
Anna Rich
Miriam Schaer
Valerie Sokalova
Madeline Sorel
Anita Steckel
Beata Szpura
Annette Tacconelli
Johanna Vanderbeek
Judith Wilde

Educator, Curator, Outreach