Looking Out, Looking In

Exhibit of Women Artist Portraits Curated by Madeline Sorel

Twenty five artists exhibit inner and surface portraits. Curated by Madeline Sorel.

Curator’s Statement

Looking Out, Looking In is an exhibition where I’ve brought together portraits by women artists that go beyond the surface of the face to seek an inner identity, an identity that is not reflected exclusively in representational images of people, but in objects that capture the spirit of an individual through symbolic means.  The work also ranges in scope from self-portraiture, to observations of people to whom the artist has little personal connection.  Materials used range from oil paints and pastels to found objects and video.

Looking Out, Looking In  strives to express how objective and subjective methods are applied by these artists simultaneously during the creative process.  Give and take in the manipulation of materials, whether elements of collage, or paint applied to a canvas itself becomes an act of discovery- and a revelation of self through art.

Born in decades from the 1920’s to the 1990’s, the radical change these women witnessed in technology and culture is reflected in their work.  But their basic concerns are timeless; what has interested people forever in other people.  From an infant’s prime focus on its mother’s eyes, to our desire for the distorted image of a friend hunched over a computer screen in a skype video, we are endlessly fascinated by how we are reflected in the eyes of others.

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